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18 p, 247.6 KB Análisis de la validez de constructo y de la validez predictiva del cuestionario de clima motivacional percibido en el deporte (PCMSQ-2) con tenistas espanoles de competición / Balaguer Solá, Isabel (Universitat de València) ; Guivernau, Marta (Purdue University) ; Duda, Joan L. (Universitat de València) ; Crespo, Miguel (Universitat de València)
En este trabajo se analiza la validez de constructo del Cuestionario de Clima Motivacional Percibido en el Deporte (PMCSQ-2) utilizando el modelo de ecuación estructural. La muestra estuvo compuesta por 219 jugadores de tenis (76 mujeres y 138 hombres), con una edad media de 15,55±1. [...]
In this study we analyze the construct reliability of the latest version of the Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport Questionnaire (PMCSQ-2) using a structural equation model. The sample was comprised of 219 tennis players (76 females and 138 males) with a mean age of 15. [...]

Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 6, Núm. 1 (1997) , p. 41-58  
18 p, 223.4 KB Psichometric properties of the caring climate scale in a physical activity setting / Newton, Maria (The Universty of Utah) ; Fry, Mary (University of Nevada) ; Watson, Doris (University of Nevada) ; Gano-Overway, Lori (Bridgewater College) ; Kim, Mi-Sook (San Francisco State University) ; Magyar, Michelle (California State University) ; Guivernau, Marta (Michigan State University)
Scholars have emphasized the importance of creating a caring environment in physical activity settings. Given that there is currently no measure of a caring environment in the physical domain, the purpose of these two studies was to develop the Caring Climate Scale (CCS) and examine its psychometric properties. [...]
Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 16, Núm. 1 (2007) , p. 67-84  

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