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117 p, 4.3 MB Policy enactment in schools: A culture of gender (in)equality Exploring the role of the school in the transformation of youth's gender-related beliefs, expectations and interactions in 'post-conflict' Medellín / Kabelka, Hannah Jasmin ; Tarabini-Castellani, Aina, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Ciències Polítiques i de Sociologia
Set within a 'post-conflict' context, this research project addresses the mutual constitution between violence and the existence of unequal power in gender relations (Confortini, 2006). Hereby, I contrast Colombia's legislature and policy on addressing gender equality in the education system with opinions and perceptions of local policy stakeholders, educational agents and students in Medellín. [...]
beliefs, expectations and interactions can be transformed through a school culture that enacts education policies on gender equality in the complex context of gendered experiences in Medellín. Centred around two case studies, this research is guided by the use of mostly qualitative methods like in-depth interviews, focus group discussions initiated by a Likert-scale activity and photo-elicitation, and a complimentary quantitative questionnaire. [...]

2019 (Treballs de màster i postgrau. Màster en Polítiques Educatives per al Desenvolupament Global (GLOBED))  

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