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7 p, 515.0 KB Marketization of higher education in the People's Republic of China / Williams, Gareth ; Liu, Sandra S. ; Qiuheng, Shi
Reforms of higher education in P. R. C. since the overall promulgation of the socialist market economy have impacted both the employment of graduates and the funding mechanism of higher education. All students are charged tuition starting from the academic year of 1995/96 and are "employed" rather than "assigned to jobs" after graduation. [...]
Higher Education Policy, vol. 10 n. 2 (1997) p. 151-157  
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4 p, 221.2 KB Into an era of autonomy for universities in Hong Kong / Liu, Sandra S.
Universities in Hong Kong are publicly funded and have been under close scrutiny by the Funding Council. Due to Hong Kong's colonial status, its purpose for higher education has been fulfiling the demand of labour force in order to ensure smooth economic growth in the territory. [...]
Higher Education Policy, vol. 9 n. 4 (1996) p. 325-328  
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