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12 p, 246.8 KB Intelligent CCTV for Mass Transport Security : challenges and Opportunities for Video and Face Processing / Sanderson, Conrad (NICTA (Brisbane, Austràlia)) ; Bigdeli, Abbas (NICTA (Brisbane, Austràlia)) ; Shan, Ting (University of Queensland. ITEE) ; Chen, Shaokang (University of Queensland. ITEE) ; Berglund, Erik (University of Queensland. ITEE) ; Lovell, Brian C. (University of Queensland. ITEE)
CCTV surveillance systems have long been promoted as being effective in improving public safety. However due to the amount of cameras installed, many sites have abandoned expensive human monitoring and only record video for forensic purposes. [...]
2007 - 10.5565/rev/elcvia.140
ELCVIA : Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis, V. 6 n. 3 (2007) p. 30-41  

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