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Documentos de investigación Encontrados 2 registros  
57 p, 736.6 KB Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions? / Kriwoluzky, Alexander ; Müller, Gernot J. ; Wolf, Martin
Membership in a currency union is not irreversible. Exit expectations may emerge during sovereign debt crises, because exit allows countries to reduce their liabilities through a currency redenomination. [...]
2016 (Ademu Working Papers Series ; 5)  
59 p, 770.5 KB Does austerity pay off? / Born, Benjamin ; Müller, Gernot J. ; Pfeifer, Johannes
We investigate if a reduction of government consumption lowers the sovereign default premium. For this purpose we build a new data set for 38 emerging and developed economies. Results vary along three dimensions. [...]
2016 (Ademu Working Papers Series ; 4)  

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