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24 p, 1.5 MB Historia, filosofía y enseñanza de las ciencias : la aproximación actual / Matthews, M. R.
This paper traces the use of, and arguments for, the history and philosophy of science in school science courses. Specific attention is paid to the British National Curriculum proposals and to the recommendations of the US Project 2061 curriculum guidelines. [...]
Enseñanza de las Ciencias, V. 12 n. 2 (1994) p. 255-277  
10 p, 604.4 KB Vino viejo en botellas nuevas : un problema con la epistemología constructivista / Matthews, M. R.
This article deals with what the autor regards as a fatal epistemological error in the constructivist doctrine: its theory maintains the Aristotelian-empiricist epistemological paradigm. However, good constructivist pedagogy could be rescued from the deficient theory that parented it if we made a clear distinction between real and theoretical objects; and knowledge is recognised as a process of intellectual production working with real objects that have been described, apprehended, or incorporated by a theoretical object.
Enseñanza de las Ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 79-88  

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2 Matthews, M. R.
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