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6 p, 82.7 KB Understanding diversity and differentiation in higher education : an overview / Meek, V. Lynn ; Huisman, Jeroen ; Goedegebuure, Leo
Higher education policy, vol. 13 n. 1 (2000) p. 1-6  
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17 p, 156.8 KB Diversity and marketisation of higher education : incompatible concepts? / Meek, V. Lynn
Higher education policy, vol. 13 n. 1 (2000) p. 23-39  
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17 p, 993.2 KB Higher education governance and management : Australia / Meek, V. Lynn ; Wood, Fiona Q.
Higher education policy, vol. 11 n. 2-3 (1998) p. 165-181  
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22 p, 1.8 MB The market as a new steering strategy for Australian higher education / Meek, V. Lynn ; Wood, Fiona Q.
In examining the concept of the "market" in relation to public higher education it is important to consider both its financial and ideological dimensions. In relation to the first dimension, an ongoing challenge faced by governments everywhere is how best to meet the costs of a mass system of higher education. [...]
Higher education policy, vol. 10 n. 3-4 (1997) p. 253-274  
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