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14 p, 519.1 KB Holocene paleoclimatic reconstruction based on the Lagoa Dourada deposits, southern Brazil / Melo, M.S. (Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa) ; Giannini, P.C.F. (IGUSP - Instituto de Geociências da USP) ; Pessenda, L.C.R. (CENA - USP - Centro de Estudos Nucleares na Agricultura) ; Brandt Neto, M. (Universidade Estadual Paulista)
The Lagoa Dourada is a circular-shaped pond formed on the Furnas Formation (Devonian of the Paraná Basin), filled by late Pleistocene - Holocene sediments. It lies in the hydrographic basin of the Guabiroba River, a tributary of the Tibagi River situated in the Campos Gerais region of the State of Paraná, southern Brazil. [...]
2003 - 10.1344/105.000001616
Geologica acta, Vol. 1, Núm. 3 (2003) , p. 289-302  

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1 Melo, M.
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