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Multi-objective forest restoration planning in Costa Rica : balancing landscape connectivity and ecosystem service provisioning with sustainable development / Morán Ordóñez, Alejandra (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Hermoso, Virgilio (Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya) ; Martínez-Salinas, Alejandra (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (Turrialba, Costa Rica))
Degradation, fragmentation, and loss of tropical forests has exponentially increased in the last decades leading to unprecedented rates of species extinctions and loss of ecosystems functions and services. [...]
2022 - 10.1016/j.jenvman.2022.114717
Journal of environmental management, Vol. 310 (May 2022) , art. 114717  
21 p, 3.5 MB Improving ecosystem assessments in Mediterranean social-ecological systems : a DPSIR analysis / Balzan, Mario V. (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology) ; Martins Pinheiro, Ana (Lisbon University) ; Mascarenhas, André (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) ; Morán Ordóñez, Alejandra (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Ruiz Frau, Ana (Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats) ; Carvalho-Santos, Claudia (Universidade do Porto) ; Vogiatzakis, Ioannis N. (University of Cyprus) ; Arends, Jeroen (Ecosystem Services Partnership) ; Santana Garcon, Julia (Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats) ; Roces-Díaz, José V. (Swansea University) ; Brotons, Lluís (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Campagne, C. Sylvie (Irstea) ; Roche, Philip K. (Irstea) ; Miguel, Sergio de (Universitat de Lleida) ; Targetti, Stefano (INRA) ; Drakou, Evangelia G. (University of Twente) ; Vlami, Vassiliki (University of Patras) ; Baró Porras, Francesc (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals) ; Geijzendorffer, Ilse R. (Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory)
Social-ecological systems in the Mediterranean Basin are characterised by high biodiversity and a prolonged cultural influence, leading to the co-evolution of these systems. The unique characteristics of Mediterranean social-ecological systems, current pressures leading to a decline in ecosystem services, and the need for coordinated action are recognised by policies promoting the protection and sustainable use of the region's heritage. [...]
2019 - 10.1080/26395916.2019.1598499
Ecosystems and people, Vol. 15, Issue 1 (May 2019) , p. 136-155  

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