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12 p, 91.2 KB Invocaciones y usos inadecuados de la ciencia en la publicidad / Campanario, Juan Miguel ; Moya, Aida ; Otero, José C.
The use of science in advertising as a source of authority to back claims concerning products is studied in this article. We also examine inappropiate uses of scientific knowledge in advertising. The analyzed examples present an image of science as an activity always in progress that is able to guarantee the quality of products. [...]
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 19 N. 1 (2001) , p. 45-56  
14 p, 140.7 KB ¿Cómo enseñar ciencias? : principales tendencias y propuestas / Campanario, Juan Miguel ; Moya, Aida
In this article we review the main current tendencies and approaches for teaching science. We analyze each one of these proposals and evaluate their main advantages and shortcomings.
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 17 N. 2 (1999) , p. 179-192  

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