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13 p, 702.2 KB Interior-point methods : An old and new approach to nonlinear programming / Nesterov, Yu.
In this paper we discuss the main concepts of structural optimization, a field of nonlinear programming, which was formed by the intensive development of modern interior-point schemes. .
Mathematical Programming, vol. 79 n. 1-3 (1997) p. 285-297  
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48 p, 1.8 MB Long-step strategies in interior-point primal-dual methods / Nesterov, Yu.
In this paper we analyze from a unique point of view the behavior of path-following and primal-dual potential reduction methods on nonlinear conic problems. We demonstrate that most interior-point methods with O(V~n ln(1/(Epsilon))) efficiency estimate can be considered as different strategies of minimizing a convex primal-dual potential function in an extended primal-dual space. [...]
Mathematical Programming, vol. 76 n. 1 (1997) p. 47-94  
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