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27 p, 257.7 KB Media literacy policy in European Union : a new horizon / Pérez Tornero, José Manuel ; Pi, Mireia
The recognition of media literacy in the European Audiovisual Services Directive (Art. 37) and the consequent development of the media literacy indicators –applied to all people, even youths and children (is a result of a long process in which organizations such as UNESCO1 and the European Commission (EC) have played an important role, and not only in the development of the public dimension of media literacy but also in the acceptance of the importance of media education in the political agenda. [...]
MILID Yearbook, 2013  

Llibres i col·leccions 1 registres trobats  
13 p, 161.0 KB A new horizon : media literacy assessment and children in Europe / Pérez Tornero, José Manuel ; Pi, Mireia
New Questions, new insights, new approaches : contributions to the research forum at the world summit on media for children and youth, 2010, p. 3-17  

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