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9 p, 277.3 KB Ecosystem thresholds, tipping points, and critical transitions / Munson, Seth M. (Southwest Biological Science Center (Estats Units)) ; Reed, Sasha C. (Southwest Biological Science Center (Estats Units)) ; Peñuelas, Josep (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; McDowell, Nathan G. (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Estats Units)) ; Sala, Osvaldo E. (Arizona State University. School of Life Sciences)
An organized session at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, December 2017.
2018 - 10.1111/nph.15145
New phytologist, Vol. 218, issue 4 (June 2018) , p. 1315-1317  
14 p, 613.3 KB Using research networks to create the comprehensive datasets needed to assess nutrient availability as a key determinant of terrestrial carbon cycling / Vicca, Sara (Universiteit Antwerpen. Departement Biologie) ; Stocker, Benjamin (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Reed, Sasha (Southwest Biological Science Center) ; Wieder, William R (National Center for Atmospheric Research. Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory) ; Bahn, Michael (University of Innsbruck. Institute of Ecology) ; Fay, Philip A (USDA-ARS Grassland, Soil, and Water Research Lab) ; Janssens, Ivan A. (University of Antwerp. Departement Biologie) ; Lambers, Hans (University of Western Australia. School of Biological Sciences) ; Peñuelas, Josep (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Piao, Shilong (Peking University. Sino-French Institute for Earth System Science) ; Rebel, Karin T (Utrecht University. Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Environmental Sciences) ; Sardans i Galobart, Jordi (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Sigurdsson, Bjarni D. (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Van Sundert, Kevin (Universiteit Antwerpen. Departement Biologie) ; Wang, Ying-Ping (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere) ; Zaehle, Sönke (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry) ; Ciais, Philippe (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement)
2018 - 10.1088/1748-9326/aaeae7
Environmental research letters, Vol. 13, Núm 12 (December 2018) , art. 125006  

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1 Reed, Sasha C.
1 Reed, Stephen M.
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