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21 p, 1.3 MB Coalition structure generation problems : optimization and parallelization of the IDP algorithm in multicore systems / Cruz Mencía, Francisco (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) ; Cerquides Bueno, Jesús (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) ; Rodríguez-Aguilar, Juan A. (Juan Antonio) (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) ; Espinosa Morales, Antonio Miguel (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors i Sistemes Operatius) ; Moure López, Juan Carlos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors i Sistemes Operatius) ; Ramchurn, Sarvapali D. (University of Southampton) ; Svensson, Kim (University of Southampton)
The coalition structure generation problem is well known in the area of multi-agent systems. Its goal is to establish coalitions between agents while maximizing the global welfare. Among the existing different algorithms designed to solve the coalition structure generation problem, DP and IDP are the ones with smaller temporal complexity. [...]
2017 - 10.1002/cpe.3969
Concurrency and Computation : Practice and Experience, Vol. 29, Issue 5 (March 2017) , art. e3969  
26 p, 426.3 KB Empirical analysis of daily cash flow time-series and its implications for forecasting / Salas-Molina, Francisco (Universitat de València) ; Rodríguez Aguilar, Juan Antonio (Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial (IIIA-CSIC)) ; Serra-Sagristà, Joan (Telefónica Research (Barcelona, Catalunya)) ; Guillén, Montserrat (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament d'Econometria) ; Martin, Francisco J. (BigML, Inc. (Corvallis, Estats Units d'Amèrica))
Usual assumptions on the statistical properties of daily net cash flows include normality, absence of correlation and stationarity. We provide a comprehensive study based on a real-world cash flow data set showing that: (i) the usual assumption of normality, absence of correlation and stationarity hardly appear; (ii) non-linearity is often relevant for forecasting; and (iii) typical data transformations have little impact on linearity and normality. [...]
2018 - 10.2436/20.8080.02.70
SORT : statistics and operations research transactions, Vol. 42 Núm. 1 (January-June 2018) , p. 73-98 (Articles)  

Research literature 2 records found  
188 p, 2.1 MB Artificial intelligence methods to support people management in organisations / Dominika Andrejczuk, Ewa, autor. ; Sierra, Carles, supervisor acadèmic. ; Rodríguez-Aguilar, Juan A. (Juan Antonio) supervisor acadèmic. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Microelectrònica i Sistemes Electrònics ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial
Las organizaciones han pasado del trabajo focalizado en individuos a estructuras de trabajo basadas en equipos. Una nueva generación de soluciones para las organizaciones debe proporcionar la gestión de equipos, fomentando la eficacia del equipo mediante la automatización. [...]
Organisations have shifted from work arranged around individual jobs to team-based work structures. A new generation of solutions for organisations must give support to team management by encouraging team effectiveness and introducing automation. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2018.  
285 p, 2.8 MB On the design and construction of agent-mediated institutions / Rodríguez Aguilar, Juan Antonio ; Sierra García, Carles, dir. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Informàtica) ; Garcia i Calvés, Pere, dir.
El presente trabajo aborda la especificación, diseño e implementación de organizaciones abiertas de agentes. Se defiende que tales organizaciones pueden ser diseñadas e implementadas de manera efectiva como organizaciones electrónicas institucionalizadas (instituciones electrónicas) compuestas de un gran número de agentes heterogéneos (tanto humanos como software) adoptando diversos roles e interactuando por medio de ilocuciones. [...]
Ilustramos la construcción práctica de instituciones electrónicas mediadas por agentes describiendo el desarrollo de una casa electrónica de subastas inspirada en las lonjas de pescado tradicionales donde agentes heterogéneos (humanos y software) pueden comerciar. [...]
This thesis focuses on the specification, design and implementation of open agent organisations. We argue that open agent organisations can be effectively designed and implemented as institutionalised electronic organisations (electronic institutions) composed of a vast amount of heterogeneous (human and software) agents playing different roles and interacting by means of speech acts. [...]
We illustrate the practical realisation of agent-mediated electronic institutions by describing the development of an electronic auction house inspired by the age old institution of the fish market where heterogeneous (software and human) agents may trade. [...]

Bellaterra : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2003  

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