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15 p, 516.8 KB Tiempo y eternidad : una reflexión a partir de la Enéada III de Plotino / Rodriguez, Mariano L.
The treatise III-7 of the Enneads develops in the context of the Platonic Timaeus. For Plotinus, eternity is a reality closer to us than the time. Eternity is not just a concept, but a value; it makes the eternal vulnerable. [...]
1992 - 10.5565/rev/enrahonar.716
Enrahonar : quaderns de filosofia, N. 18 (1992) p. 45-59  
16 p, 531.3 KB Conocimiento y verdad en el pragmatismo de William James / Rodriguez, Mariano L.
Among the pragmatic philosophers, James is the only one to develop a theory of truth in the empirical tradition, projecting it, however, far beyond the limits of positivism. His theory of meaning as the capacity of an idea's producing clearly perceptible effects does not easily fit into the setting given by the bounds of natural sciences, a definitely limited area beyond which empirical logic does not admit any meaning at all. [...]
1990 - 10.5565/rev/enrahonar.753
Enrahonar : quaderns de filosofia, N. 16 (1990) p. 89-104  

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