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51 p, 666.0 KB Fiscal consolidation with tax evasion and corruption / Pappa, Evi (European University Institute (Itàlia)) ; Sajedi, Rana (European University Institute (Itàlia)) ; Vella, Eugenia (European University Institute (Itàlia))
Using cross country data we show that tax evasion and corruption are highly important for determining the size of the . scal multiplier. We introduce these two features in a New Keynesian model with search and matching frictions, in order to revisit the e¤ects of tax and expenditure based consolidations. [...]
2015 - 10.1016/j.jinteco.2014.12.004
Journal of international economics, Vol. 96 Núm. 1 (2015) , p. s56-s75  

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46 p, 1.7 MB Fiscal Consolidation in a Low-Inflation Environment : Pay Cuts versus Lost Jobs / Bandeira, Guilherme ; Pappa, Evi ; Sajedi, Rana ; Vella, Eugenia ; Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
We construct a model of a monetary union to study fiscal consolidation in the periphery of the euro area, through cuts in public sector wages or hiring when the nominal interest rate is constrained at its lower bound. [...]
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics 2018 (ADEMU Working Paper Series ; 140)  
19 p, 397.2 KB Fiscal rules and structural reforms / Sajedi, Rana ; Steinbach, Armin
Implementation of fiscal surveillance rules relies heavily on the proper interpretation of legal terms, creating a need to infuse economic insight into legal analysis. Rigid legal application of fiscal deficit rules may curtail structural reforms, as reforms can go against fiscal consolidation in the short run. [...]
The ADEMU Working Paper Series is being supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation, grant agreement No 649396.

2018 (ADEMU Working Paper Series ; 133)  
56 p, 1.5 MB Fiscal consolidation in a disinflationary environment : price vs. quantity-based measures / Pappa, Evi ; Sajedi, Rana ; Vella, Eugenia
An important feature of the current economic conditions in the EU, which challenges the design and implementation of macroeconomic policy, is inflation uncertainty. With monetary policy at the zero lower bound, and inflation well below its target, a key issue for policy makers is the effect /nthis has on the transmission of fiscal policy. [...]
2016 (Ademu Working Papers Series ; 3)  

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