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13 p, 862.2 KB Deep gray matter volume loss drives disability worsening in multiple sclerosis / Eshaghi, Arman (University College London) ; Prados, Ferran (University College London Hospitals) ; Brownlee, Wallace J. (University College London) ; Altmann, Daniel R. (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) ; Tur Gómez, Carmen (University College London) ; Cardoso, M. Jorge (University College London) ; De Angelis, Floriana (University College London) ; van de Pavert, Steven H. (University College London) ; Cawley, Niamh (University College London) ; De Stefano, Nicola (University of Siena) ; Stromillo, M. Laura (University of Siena) ; Battaglini, Marco (University of Siena) ; Ruggieri, Serena (University of Rome Sapienza) ; Gasperini, Claudio (S Camillo Forlanini Hospital) ; Filippi, Massimo (Vita‐Salute San Raffaele University) ; Rocca, Maria A. (Vita‐Salute San Raffaele University) ; Rovira, Àlex (Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron) ; Sastre Garriga, Jaume (Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron) ; Vrenken, Hugo (VU University Medical Centre) ; Leurs, Cyra E. (VU University Medical Center) ; Killestein, Joep (VU University Medical Center) ; Pirpamer, Lukas (Medical University of Graz) ; Enzinger, Christian (Medical University of Graz) ; Ourselin, Sebastien (University College London Hospitals) ; Wheeler‐Kingshott, Claudia A.M. Gandini (C. Mondino National Neurological Institute) ; Chard, Declan (University College London Hospitals) ; Thompson, Alan J. (University College London) ; Alexander, Daniel C. (University College London) ; Barkhof, Frederik (VU University Medical Centre) ; Ciccarelli, Olga (University College London Hospitals) ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Gray matter (GM) atrophy occurs in all multiple sclerosis (MS) phenotypes. We investigated whether there is a spatiotemporal pattern of GM atrophy that is associated with faster disability accumulation in MS. [...]
2018 - 10.1002/ana.25145
Annals of Neurology, Vol. 83, Issue 2 (February 2018) , p. 210-222  

Research literature 4 records found  
154 p, 2.5 MB Estudio del efecto de pseudoatrofia cerebral en pacientes con esclerosis múltiple remitente-recurrente / Vidal Jordana, Ángela ; Montalban Gairín, Xavier, dir. ; Sastre Garriga, Jaume, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Medicina
La esclerosis múltiple (EM) es una enfermedad crónica, inmunomediada y degenerativa que afecta principalmente a adulto jóvenes, siendo la segunda causa de discapacidad neurológica en esas edades. [...]
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, immune-mediated and degenerative disease that primarily affects young adults. It is the second cause of neurological disability in this age group. Brain volume (BV) loss is known to occur since very early stages of the disease and it has been related to relevant clinical outcomes such as neurological disability. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2016  
220 p, 12.6 MB Epidemiología de la esclerosis múltiple en Catalunya / Otero Romero, Susana ; Vaqué Rafart, Josep, dir. ; Montalban Gairín, Xavier, dir. ; Sastre Garriga, Jaume, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Pediatria, d'Obstetrícia i Ginecologia i de Medicina Preventiva
Els estudis epidemiològics d'Esclerosi Múltiple (EM) a nivell mundial mostren un augment generalitzat en la prevalença i un increment en la incidència, fonamentalment en les latituds més baixes, considerades inicialment zones de baix risc. [...]
Los estudios epidemiológicos de Esclerosis Múltiple (EM) a nivel mundial muestran un aumento generalizado en la prevalencia y un incremento en la incidencia, fundamentalmente en las latitudes más bajas, consideradas inicialmente zonas de bajo riesgo. [...]
Epidemiological studies on multiple sclerosis (MS) show a global increase in the prevalence worldwide and increased incidence, mainly in the lower latitudes, initially considered low risk areas. Therefore, southern Europe becomes a key area for the study of current epidemiological trends of MS. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2015  
186 p, 4.0 MB Utilidad de las medidas de atrofia cerebral en el diagnóstico y seguimiento de la esclerosis múltiple / Pérez Miralles, Francisco Carlos ; Montalban Gairin, Xavier, dir. ; Sastre Garriga, Jaume, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Medicina
La esclerosis múltiple (EM) es una enfermedad inflamatoria desmielinizante del sistema nervioso central. Su evolución es muy variable entre individuos, como también lo es la respuesta de éstos al tratamiento. [...]
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. Its evolution varies widely among individuals, and so is their response to treatment. Measures of MS clinical activity are only partially useful to predict changes in the evolution of the disease. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2016  
128 p, 1.0 MB Brain volume and brain metabolite changes in the first stages of primary progressive multiple sclerosis / Sastre Garriga, Jaume ; Montalban Gairín, Xavier, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Medicina
Antecedents: Hi ha escassa informació disponible sobre l'atròfia cerebral global i de substància gris i blanca (SG i SB) en l'esclerosi múltiple primària progressiva (EMPP) i en la seva relació amb paràmetres clínics i de ressonància magnètica (RM); per altra banda, les anomalies en el teixit cerebral d'aparença normal poden contribuir a la discapacitat. [...]
Background: There is little information available on global and on grey and white matter (GM and WM) atrophy in primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) and on their relationship with clinical and with other magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measures; on the other hand abnormalities in normal-appearing brain tissues may contribute to disability in PPMS, where fewer lesions are seen on conventional imaging. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2015  

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