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17 p, 1.7 MB Synthesizing greenhouse gas fluxes across nine European peatlands and shrublands – responses to climatic and environmental changes / Carter, M. S. (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) ; Larsen, K. S. (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) ; Emmett, B. (Center for Ecology and Hydrology) ; Estiarte, Marc (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals) ; Field, C. (Manchester Metropolitan University. School of Science and the Environment) ; Leith, I. D. (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (Edinburgh)) ; Lund, M. (Aarhus Universitet. Institut for Bioscience.) ; Meijide, A. (European Commission. Joint Research Centre) ; Mills, R. T. E. (Center for Ecology and Hydrology) ; Niinemets, Ülo (Eesti Maaülikool) ; Peñuelas, Josep (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals) ; Portillo-Estrada, M. (Eesti Maaülikool) ; Schmidt, I. K. (Københavns universitet. Department of Geoscience, Natural Resources and Planning) ; Selsted, M. B. (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) ; Sheppard, L. J. (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (Edinburgh)) ; Sowerby, A. (Center for Ecology and Hydrology) ; Tietema, A. (Universiteit van Amsterdamand) ; Beier, C. (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet)
In this study, we compare annual fluxes of methane (CH₄), nitrous oxide (N₂O) and soil respiratory carbon dioxide (CO₂) measured at nine European peatlands (n = 4) and shrublands (n = 5). The sites range from northern Sweden to Spain, covering a span in mean annual air temperature from 0 to 16 °C, and in annual precipitation from 300 to 1300 mm yr⁻¹. [...]
2012 - 10.5194/bg-9-3739-2012
Biogeosciences, Vol. 9 (2012) , p. 3739–3755  

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