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8 p, 123.6 KB La reproducción, la hegemonía política y la mujer / Smith, Jennifer (Indiana University)
Lectora : revista de dones i textualitat, Núm. 11 (2005) , p. 201-208  
19 p, 105.0 KB Roots of English in the African American diaspora / Tagliamonte, Sali ; Smith, Jennifer
In this paper we use the world-wide variability in the past tense paradigm of the verb be (e. g. I/you/we/they was/were) to examine the similarities and differences across four geographically separated and ethnically diverse dialects of English spoken in North Preston, Guysborough Enclave and Guysborough Village in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Buckie in northern Scotland. [...]
Links & Letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 147-165  

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