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12 p, 743.4 KB The Inheritance of Modernisme : Antoni Fuster i Valldeperes / Sunyer, Magí, 1958- (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
This article explores the characteristics of the literature of writers who, when literary Catalan modernism had died out, used many of the features of the movement in their work. An analysis of the costumbrism-based novel Perot i l'Estel (1932), by Antoni Fuster Valldeperes, shows the return to the debate on madness, the expression of individual standpoints and the portrayal of a wide range of revolutionary ideals, the main themes of which are Catalanism, universalism, Republicanism and anarchism.
2017 - 10.1515/jocih-2016-0004
Journal of Catalan Intellectual History, Núm. 11 (October 2017) , p. 43-54  

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1 Sunyer, Magí,
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