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19 p, 177.8 KB Program diversity in higher education : an economic perspective / Dill, David D. 1940- ; Teixeira, Pedro
Program diversity in academic systems has become an important goal of higher education policy in many countries. Policy makers assume that a diverse academic system will better satisfy public preferences and needs and lead to greater social and economic benefits for society. [...]
Higher Education Policy, vol. 13 n. 1 (2000) p. 99-117  
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466 p, 1.7 MB Salazar y Franco, la política social ibérica (1933 - 1957) / Teixeira Pereira, Pedro ; Molinero, Carme, , 1955-, dir. ; Loff, Manuel ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Història Moderna i Contemporània
En esta tesis se aborda un tema en el área de Historia Política y Social comparada: las políticas sociales desarrolladas por Salazar y Franco entre 1933 y 1957. En el momento en que la Europa discute su nueva postura hacia el apellidado «modelo social europeo», investigar sobre los fundamentos de la seguridad social se hace muy relevante, pues permite conocer mejor los cambios profundos que si están verificando. [...]
This thesis addresses an issue in the area of Comparative Social and Political History: social policies developed by Salazar and Franco between 1933 and 1957. At the present day, when Europe discusses hers new stance toward the so-called "European social model", the research on the foundations of social security is very important, because it allows us better to understand the profound changes that are happening. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2014  

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1 Teixeira, Paulo Marcelo Marini
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