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11 p, 369.9 KB Analyzing objects in images for estimating the delamination influence on load carrying capacity of composite laminates / Durão, Luís Miguel (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) ; Magalhães, António G. (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) ; Tavares, João Manuel R. S. (Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Engenharia) ; Torres Marques, A. (Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Engenharia)
The use of fiber reinforced plastics has increased in the last decades due to their unique properties. Advantages of their use are related with low weight, high strength and stiffness. Drilling of composite plates can be carried out in conventional machinery with some adaptations. [...]
2008 - 10.5565/rev/elcvia.187
ELCVIA : Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis, V. 7 n. 2 (2008) p. 11-21  

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