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6 p, 348.6 KB L'homme du troisième millénaire face a l'incertitude. Quelle formation pour affronter l'incertitude? / Viard, J.
In this paper we intend to establish the idea that a scientific formation can be an adequate background for future citizens to face the uncertainties of their own time. However, this requires questioning the distorted view of science given by society and, more particularly, by education. [...]
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 9 n. 2 (1991) p. 163-168  
4 p, 234.8 KB Quelques reflexions sur le concept d'entropie issues d'un enseignement de thermodynamique / Brosseau, C. ; Viard, J.
The authors establish the existence of a gap between physics' students conceptions concerning the notion of entropy and Clausius's, Boltzmann's, constructors of this concept. They analyze some basic features at the origin of these conceptions and some characteristics of the common sense interpretation of entropy. [...]
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 10 n. 1 (1992) p. 13-16  
14 p, 661.7 KB Influencia de la formulación del enunciado y del control didáctico sobre la actividad intelectual de los alumnos en la resolución de problemas / Langlois, F. ; Gréa, J. ; Viard, J.
Using as reference the scientist instead of the expert for analysing the pupil's behaviour in problem solving, we proposed to students (17 years old) closed and open problems. The great diversity of the students' productions and their analysis in the theoretical framework of didactical contract, oblige us to build two analysis grids: one of the students' activities and the other one for the finalities which we attribute to those activities. [...]
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 13 n. 2 (1995) p. 179-191  

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1 Viard, J. P.
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