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17 p, 989.4 KB The Steiner tree packing problem in VLSI design / Grötschel, M. ; Martin, A. ; Weismantel, R.
In this paper we describe several versions of the routing problem arising in VLSI design and indicate how the Steiner tree packing problem can be used to model these problems mathematically. We focus on switchbox routing problems and provide integer programming formulations for routing in the knock-knee and in the Manhattan model. [...]
Mathematical Programming, vol. 78 n. 2 (1997) p. 265-281  
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20 p, 972.9 KB On the 0/1 knapsack polytope / Weismantel, Robert
This paper deals with the 0/1 knapsack polytope. In particular, we introduce the class of weight inequalities. This class of inequalities is needed to describe the knapsack polyhedron when the weights of the items lie in certain intervals. [...]
Mathematical Programming, vol. 77 n. 1 (1997) p. 49-68  
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