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11 p, 495.3 KB On homogeneous and self-dual algorithms for LCP / Yinyu, Ye
We present some generalizations of a homogeneous and self-dual linear programming (LP) algorithm to solving the monotone linear complementarity problem (LCP). Again, while it achieves the best known interior-point iteration complexity, the algorithm does not need to use any "big-M" number, and it detects LCP infeasibility by generating a certificate. [...]
Mathematical Programming, vol. 76 n. 1 (1997) p. 211-221  
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27 p, 1.2 MB An infeasible interior-point algorithm for solving primal and dual geometric programs / Kortanek, K.O. ; Xiaojie, Xu ; Yinyu, Ye
In this paper an algorithm is presented for solving the classical posynomial geometric programming dual pair of problems simultaneously. The approach is by means of a primal-dual infeasible algorithm developed simultaneously for (i) the dual geometric program after logarithmic transformation of its objective function, and (ii) its Lagrangian dual program. [...]
Mathematical Programming, vol. 76 n. 1 (1997) p. 155-181  
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