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27 p, 572.4 KB “Ce fameux bâton qu’on a dans sa giberne” : So you want to be an Assyrian Officer? / Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)
Ce fameux bâton qu’on a dans sa giberne”, this famous staff we all have in our cartridge box, is a reference to a French proverb employed in the armies of Napoléon Ier. This quote meant that the most common private had virtually all the chances to receive the staff of field-marshall, the highest military dignity, in his cartridge box. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 12 (2015) , p. 37-63 (Articles)  
29 p, 3.7 MB The Smallest Neo-Assyrian Combat Unit / Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)
For more than two centuries, scholars have thought that the Neo-Assyrians sorted their battle lines according to the classes of the fighters: firstly the chariots, then the horsemen, then the infantrymen. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 11 (2014) , p. 19-47  
29 p, 2.3 MB Siege-shield and scale armour. Reciprocal predominance and common evolution / Backer, Fabrice De
As it appears on the earliest depictions of military materials, Early Dynastic people used a huge shield during the sieges of cities, in order to protect their archers shooting at the defenders. In the meantime, the neck, chest and sides of these besieging soldiers were protected with the primitive models of the scale-armour. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 8 (2011) , p. 1-29  

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