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26 p, 1.5 MB Audio describing the TV series The West Wing : towards a coherent practice / Orero, Pilar (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
The exercise of audio describing West Wing offers excellent opportunities to reflect on the accessibility of TV drama series. This genre has great popular acceptance, financial success, and though it belongs to the much maligned popular TV media, has conquered art and film critics as a quality multimedia production. [...]
InTRAlinea. Online Translation Journal, Special Issue (2016)  
21 p, 235.1 KB Combinatoria léxica y corpus como input / Sánchez Rufat, Anna (Universidad de Córdoba) ; Jiménez Calderón, Francisco (Universidad de Extremadura)
Computer based corpora which have been statistically analyzed have lead to the recognition of frequent lexical sequences (also known as multiword expressions, prefabricated chunks or collocations– in a loose use of the term– as a very important component of language production. [...]
Language design : journal of theoretical and experimental linguistics, Vol. 14, Núm. (2012) , p. 61-81  

Contributions to meetings and congresses 1 records found  
12 p, 343.3 KB Le défigement des collocations dans la poésie française et biélorussienne / Yakubovich, Yauheniya (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Laboratoire fLexSem)
Un des recours habituels du langage de la presse et de la publicité, le défigement apparaît aussi comme une ressource stylistique importante de la poésie moderne. L'objet du présent article est d'étudier le défigement des collocations dans la poésie française et biélorussienne contemporaine. [...]
Colloque de l'Asociación de Profesores de Francés de la Universidad Española. Barcelona-Bellaterra, 21r : 2012  

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