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28 p, 453.6 KB The nature of accessibility studies / Greco, Gian Maria (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Accessibility has come to play a pivotal role on the world's stage, gradually pervading different aspects of our lives as well as a vast range of fields, giving rise to a plethora of fruitful new ideas, methods and models, and becoming an ever more key issue within a process that is reshaping the very fabric of society. [...]
Journal of Audiovisual Translation, Vol. 1, núm. 1 (2018) , p. 205-232  
15 p, 318.9 KB A Cartography of Angry Indian Goddesses towards Nomadic Affect / Mukherjee, Indrani (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
This paper attempts to draw a cartography of becoming Angry Indian Goddesses as transnational nomadism towards an embodied and material rethinking of women's friendships from outside the constraints of systemic binaries. [...]
Este artículo se propone trazar una cartografía del "becoming" (proceso) en el film Angry Indian Goddesses como nomadismo transnacional, con el fin de reconsiderar la amistad femenina desde una perspectiva física y material que va más allá de los sistemas binarios. [...]

2020 - 10.5565/rev/indialogs.150
Indialogs : Spanish journal of India studies, Vol. 7 (2020) , p. 11-25 (Articles)  
30 p, 2.6 MB Human population studies and the World Health Organization / Chadarevian, Soraya de (University of California. Department of History and Institute for Society and Genetics)
This essay draws attention to the role of the WHO in shaping research agendas in the biomedical sciences in the postwar era. It considers in particular the genetic studies of human populations that were pursued under the aegis of the WHO from the late 1950s to 1970s. [...]
2015 - 10.4321/S0211-95362015000200005
Dynamis : Acta Hispanica ad Medicinae Scientiarumque. Historiam Illustrandam, Vol. 35 Núm. 2 (2015) , p. 359-388 (Dossier)  
20 p, 68.7 KB Efectos de los esteroides anabolizantesandrogenizantes sobre diversas variables implicadas en el rendimiento deportivo / Arnedo, Mª. Teresa (Universitat de València. Área de Psicobiologia) ; Ricarte, Jorge (Universitat de València. Área de Psicobiologia) ; Martínez-Sanchís, Sonia (Universitat de València. Área de Psicobiologia) ; Salvador, Alicia (Universitat de València. Área de Psicobiologia)
En las últimas décadas, el consumo de esteroides anabolizantes-androgenizantes (EAAs) ha aumentado de forma muy importante en el ámbito deportivo para mejorar el rendimiento, extendiéndose también a ámbitos extradeportivos. [...]
For the last decades, anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) have been used by athletes with the aim of enhancing their performance. This consumption has suffered a progressive increment in athletes and in nonsport environments, although it is now well known that the abuse of these substances produces severe physical and psychological side effects. [...]

Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 7, Núm. 1 (1998) , p. 215-231  

Books and collections 2 records found  
14 p, 329.4 KB Accessibility studies : abuses, misuses and the method of poietic design / Greco, Gian Maria (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Over the past several decades, accessibility has been increasingly pervading a vast range of fields, producing a large number of new ideas, theories, and innovations that have already proven to be quite fruitful. [...]
Cham : Springer, 2019 (Lecture notes in computer science, 11786) - 10.1007/978-3-030-30033-3_2
HCI International 2019 - Late breaking papers, 2019, p. 15-27
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14 p, 4.5 MB L'accessibilità culturale come strumento per i diritti umani di tutti / Greco, Gian Maria (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Traducció i d'Interpretació i d'Estudis de l'Àsia Oriental)
In the past decades, accessibility has been the engine of a deep revolution that has radically modified and still modifies society. It is a revolution that intersects different topics and disciplines, producing a paradigm shift in the very idea of human being and of our relationships with others. [...]
Rome Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo - MiBACT 2017 (Quaderni della valorizzazione - NS 4)
Il patrimonio culturale per tutti. Fruibilità, riconoscibilità, accessibilità  

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