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35 p, 1.0 MB High mountain lakes of the Central Range (Iberian Peninsula): regional limnology & environmental changes / Toro, Manuel ; Granados, Ignacio ; Robles, Santiago ; Montes, Carlos
High mountain lake ecosystems in the Iberian Peninsula, being more than 1700 water bodies, are represented mainly by small or medium size lakes (75 % with a surface less than 0. 5 Ha. ). The knowledge of their regional limnology in Spain is yet uneven and insufficient, as well as their ecological status and sensitivity to human activity impacts. [...]
Los ecosistemas acuáticos leníticos de alta montaña de la Península Ibérica, con un número superior a 1700 masas de agua, se hallan representados en su mayor parte por lagos de pequeño o mediano tamaño (el 75 % presenta una superficie inferior a 0. [...]

Limnética, V. 25 n. 1-2 (2006) p. 217-252  
16 p, 537.3 KB Diversity of patterns and processes in rivers of eastern Andalusia / Casas, J. Jesús ; Gessner, Mark O. ; Langton, Peter H. ; Calle, Demetrio ; Descals, Enrique ; Salinas, María J.
We document the outstanding diversity of fluvial ecosystems in eastern Andalusia, mostly attributable to the high environmental heterogeneity of the region. The area's altitudinal and climatic gradients are among the most pronounced in the Iberian Peninsula, and together with a concomitant high variability in geological characteristics and human impacts, result in a noticeable heterogeneity of the rivers' thermal regime, discharge regime and chemical properties. [...]
Se ilustra la notable diversidad de ecosistemas fluviales de Andalucía Oriental, atribuible a la gran heterogeneidad ambiental de esta región. Gradientes altitudinales y climáticos de los más pronunciados de la península Ibérica, concomitantes con una gran variedad de condiciones litológicas y de impactos humanos, acentúan en esta región la heterogeneidad térmica, de caudal y calidad química de los ríos. [...]

Limnética, V. 25 n. 1-2 (2006) p. 155-170  

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