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154 p, 1.2 MB Olympic idea nowadays : perceptions and insights / Fernández Peña, Emilio ; Preuss, Holger ; DaCosta, Lamartine P. ; Chatziefstathiou, Dikaia ; Ramon Vegas, Xavier ; Miragaya, Ana
The book Olympic Idea Nowadays : perceptions and insights offers a vision of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games in relation to the Olympic values system in the current social context. The book includes the contribution of 23 academics and experts in the field of Olympic studies sharing their reflections on the evolution of the Olympic Movement since Sydney 2000 and the impacts, contributions or changes posed by the London 2012 and Sochi 2014 Olympics.
Bellaterra Centre d'Estudis Olímpics i de l'Esport de la UAB 2016  

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27 p, 316.0 KB The legal and institutional framework of the Olympic Games / Mestre, Alexandre Miguel
The Olympic Charter (OC) is today indubitably a legal text which, along with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) out of which it arose, has raised many legal and institutional issues, which are interesting from a theoretical, and particularly from a practical, point of view. [...]
Bellaterra: Centre d'Estudis Olímpics i de l'Esport de la UAB, 2013 (Lliçons universitàries, 26)  
18 p, 362.0 KB Xina i el moviment olímpic / Ren, Hai
La connexió entre la Xina i el Moviment Olímpic es remunta a principis del segle XX. No obstant això, la participació de la Xina en el període inicial va ser marginal i controvertida a causa de les condicions socials internes i al context polític internacional. [...]
La conexión entre China y el Movimiento Olímpico se remonta a principios del siglo XX. Sin embargo, la participación de China en el período inicial fue marginal y controvertida debido a las condiciones sociales internas y al contexto político internacional. [...]
The connection of China and the Olympic Movement could be tracked down to the early 20th century. However, the initiative period of China's Olympic involvement was marginal and controversial one due to its domestic social conditions and the international political background. [...]

Bellaterra: Centre d'Estudis Olímpics i de l'Esport de la UAB, 2010 (Lliçons universitàries, 4)
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