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11 p, 731.8 KB Optimal Geometric Matching for Patch-Based Object Detection / Keysers, Daniel (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Kaiserslautern, Alemanya)) ; Deselaers, Thomas (Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition Group (Aachen, Alemanya)) ; Breuel, Thomas M. (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Kaiserslautern, Alemanya))
We present an efficient method to determine the optimal matching of two patch-based image object representations under rotation, scaling, and translation (RST). This use of patches is equivalent to a fullyconnected part-based model, for which the presented approach offers an efficient procedure to determine the best fit. [...]
2007 - 10.5565/rev/elcvia.136
ELCVIA : Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis, V. 6 n. 1 (2007) , p. 44-54  

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