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23 p, 411.3 KB Analytically tractable climate-carbon cycle feedbacks under 21st century anthropogenic forcing / Lade, Steven J. (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre) ; Donges, Jonathan F. Donges (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre) ; Fetzer, Ingo (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre) ; Anderies, John M. (Arizona State University. School of Sustainability) ; Beer, Christian (Stockholm University. Bolin Centre for Climate Research) ; Cornell, Sarah E. (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre) ; Gasser, Thomas (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) ; Norberg, Jon (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre) ; Richardson, Katherine Richardson (Statens Naturhistoriske Museum) ; Steffen, Will (Stockholm University. Stockholm Resilience Centre)
Changes to climate-carbon cycle feedbacks may significantly affect the Earth System’s response to greenhouse gas emissions. These feedbacks are usually analysed from numerical output of complex and arguably opaque Earth System Models (ESMs). [...]
2018 - 10.5194/esd-2017-78
Earth system dynamics, Vol. 9 (2018) , p. 507-523  
19 p, 2.2 MB Accounting for the climate-carbon feedback in emission metrics / Gasser, Thomas (Université Paris-Saclay) ; Peters, Glen P. (CICERO Senter for Klimaforskning) ; Fuglestvedt, Jan S. (CICERO Senter for Klimaforskning) ; Collins, William J. (University of Reading. Department of Meteorology) ; Shindell, Drew T. (Duke University. Nicholas School of the Environment) ; Ciais, Philippe (Université Paris-Saclay)
Most emission metrics have previously been inconsistently estimated by including the climate–carbon feedback for the reference gas (i. e. CO2) but not the other species (e. g. CH4). In the fifth assessment report of the IPCC, a first attempt was made to consistently account for the climate–carbon feedback in emission metrics. [...]
2017 - 10.5194/esd-8-235-2017
Earth system dynamics, Vol 8, issue 2 (2017) , p. 235-253  

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