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5 p, 179.4 KB Beyond mothers who father : the study of female headship / Liu, Chia (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics)
More than half of a century has passed since Edith Clark first wrote "My Mother Who Fathered Me" in 1957, a classic study on single motherhood (marriage, sex, and concubinage) in Jamaica at the time. [...]
IUSSP's online news magazine, November 2016  
3 p, 392.4 KB Does parental separation increase inequality of educational opportunity? / Bernardi, Fabrizio ; Boertien, Diederik
This work thus invites scholars and policy-makers aiming at reducing inequality of opportunity for children to shift and extend their attention to include other factors, beyond family structure.
IUSSP's online news magazine, January 2017  

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