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63 p, 898.5 KB D3.5 Toolkit (Methodology) / Von Jacobi, Nadia ; Chiappero Martinetti, Enrica ; Giroletti, Toa ; Maestripieri, Lara ; Ceravolo, Flavio
2015 (CRESSI Working Paper ; no. 16/2015)  
219 p, 12.1 MB Comparison of four cases of social innovation in Europe : a statistical report / Chiappero-Martinetti, E. ; von Jacobi, N. ; Maestripieri, Lara ; Ziegler, R. ; van der Linden, M. ; van Beers, C.
2017 (CRESSI Working Paper ; 34/2017)  
34 p, 698.9 KB Solidarity Purchasing Groups / Maestripieri, Lara (Università di Pavia)
Solidarity Purchasing Groups (GAS) movement is a peculiar bottom up social innovation that has been spreading over the past 20 years in Italy. It is composed mostly of self-organised groups of citizens who collectively buy from small organic producers in Italy. [...]
2016 (CRESSI Working Paper ; 29/2016)
Report on relevant actors in historic examples and an empirically driven typology on types of social innovation, 2016, p. 335-368  

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