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17 p, 958.7 KB EU responses to refugees' secondary movements in times of crisis of international protection / Denaro, Chiara (Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza") ; Vassallo Paleologo, Fulvio (Università di Palermo)
In the frame of the so-called migration crisis, which far from being only a quantity-based concept related to the increase of refugees who reach Europe by sea is configured as a transversal and multidimensional phenomenon and concerns the whole Schengen system, the Common European Asylum System and the basic principles of solidarity on which the EU is based, the present chapter analyses, from a juridical point of view, the issue of refugees returning to Italy from other European countries. [...]
Bellaterra Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. CER MIGRACIONS, Servei de Publicacions 2018 (Focus on international Migration ; 5)
Refugiados en movimiento : retos políticos, legales y sociales en tiempos de inestabilidad, 2018, p. 50-59  

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