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10 p, 337.8 KB Allergic diseases in the elderly / Cardona i Dahl, Victòria (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals) ; Guilarte, Mar (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals) ; Luengo Sánchez, Olga (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals) ; Labrador-Horrillo, Moisés (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals) ; Sala Cunill, Anna (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals) ; Garriga, Teresa (Vall d'Hebron Hospitals)
Demographic distribution of the population is progressively changing with the proportion of elderly persons increasing in most societies. This entails that there is a need to evaluate the impact of common diseases, such as asthma and other allergic conditions, in this age segment. [...]
2011 - 10.1186/2045-7022-1-11
Clinical and translational allergy, Vol. 1, N. 1 (October 2011) , p. 1-10  

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