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6 p, 742.9 KB Preparation of porous carbons from halloysite-sucrose mixtures / Wang, Ai-Ping (Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) ; Kang, Feiyu (Tsinghua University. Laboratory of Advanced Materials) ; Huang, Zheng-Hong (Tsinghua University. Laboratory of Advanced Materials) ; Guo, Zancheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Process Engineering)
Porous carbons rich in mesopores and with large pore volumes have been prepared by polymerization and carbonization of a carbon precursor, sucrose, within a matrix of the natural clay, halloysite. The carbon precursor was impregnated into the pores of halloysite and mostly deposited on the external surface of the halloysite rods during impregnation. [...]
2006 - 10.1346/CCMN.2006.0540409
Clays and Clay Minerals, Vol. 54, Núm. 4 (2006) , p. 485-490  

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