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9 p, 442.7 KB A New Proposal for Ugaritic ṣṣ, "salt, salt-field" / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
The meaning of Ugaritic ṣṣ is shown to be "salt, salt field", as generally recognised. Then, additional cognates, mainly from the Ethiopian languages, are proposed for this word. Its nominal form is discussed briefly and some comments are given on the possible uses of salt and salt fields in ancient Ugarit. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 17 (2020) , p. 15-23 (Articles)  
5 p, 488.1 KB A Note on Words for "shield" in Akkadian / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
The two main terms discussed here are Akk. g/kabābu and Akk. ṣinnatu, with some reference to Akk. arītu and Bab. tukšu, all of which have the meaning "shield". The focus is on their possible etymology or cognates.
Historiae, Núm. 17 (2020) , p. 9-13 (Articles)  
4 p, 235.4 KB Focus on a Field : Ugaritic gl / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
After a brief survey of previous studies, an explanation is provided for Ugaritic gl, which occurs only once in the texts, based on terms for "stubble" or "straw" in Aramaic, Mandaic and Syriac, with an etymology from Ge'ez.
Historiae, Núm. 16 (2019) , p. 25-28  
9 p, 263.1 KB Two Rare Ugaritic Terms for Garments / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
On the basis of a Punic cognate, it is proposed that Ugaritic mšlt means “stitched garment” and from reference to Hebrew and Syriac cognates it is argued that Ugaritic sgr means “collar”. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 14 (2017) , p. 35-43 (Articles)  
4 p, 259.1 KB Three Ugaritic words related to garments / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
New meanings and cognates are proposed for three Ugaritic wordsconnected with textiles: (ủ)ḥyt, "seamstress", ḫll "(woollen) garment" and prqt, "a fabric".
Historiae, Núm. 12 (2015) , p. 33-36 (Articles)  
7 p, 338.1 KB Yet Another Hittite Loanword in Ugaritic? / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
A meaning is suggested for the enigmatic Ugaritic word ủdn, which occurs in the Baʿal Cycle, on the assumption that it may be a loanword from Hittite.
Historiae, Núm. 12 (2015) , p. 25-31 (Articles)  
34 p, 478.6 KB Terms related to the family in Ugaritic / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
Ugaritic words for the clan and the family home, members of the family, infants and children, marriage and childbirth, domestics and inheritance are listed, together with their cognates in other Semitic languages and their equivalents in Afro-Asiatic, Indo-European and other language groups. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 10 (2013) , p. 17-50  
6 p, 47.0 KB Current work on Egyptian lexicography / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
This is a brief survey of work, past and present, on the meanings of words in ancient Egyptian, with the emphasis on more recent projects. It includes descriptions of the dictionaries of Egyptian (including Coptic and Demotic)that are available in print and online. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 7 (2010) , p. 91-96  
13 p, 86.6 KB Recent work on daily life in the Ancient Near East / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
The everyday or daily life of peoples who lived in the ancient Near East (c. 3500 BCE to 100 CE) has been the subject of several books and articles. A brief survey of these is provided here, with an indication of content for selected entries.
Historiae, Núm. 6 (2009) , p. 87-99  
24 p, 200.6 KB Additional names for animals in the ugaritic texts / Watson, Wilfred G. E.
Here, a substantial number of animal names supplements a recent survey of such names in the texts from Ugarit under the following headings: ungulates, carnivores, rodents, birds, arthropods, reptiles, fish, molluscs and crustaceans. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 4 (2007) , p. 93-116  

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10 Watson, Wilfred G. E.
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