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64 p, 1.4 MB Hierarchical models with normal and conjugate random effects : a review / Molenberghs, Geert (Universiteit Hasselt (Hasselt, Bèlgica). I-BioStat) ; Verbeke, Geert (KU Leuven (Leuven, Bèlgica). I-BioStat) ; Demétrio, Clarice G. B. (Universidade de São Paulo)
Molenberghs, Verbeke, and Demétrio (2007) and Molenberghs et al. (2010) proposed a general framework to model hierarchical data subject to within-unit correlation and/or overdispersion. The framework extends classical overdispersion models as well as generalized linear mixed models. [...]
2017 - 10.2436/20.8080.02.58
SORT : statistics and operations research transactions, Vol. 41 Núm. 2 (July-December 2017) , p. 191-254 (Invited articles)  
14 p, 107.2 KB Some discrete exponential dispersion models : poisson-tweedie and hinde-demétrio classes / Kokonendji, Célestin C. (University of Pau-LMA) ; Dossou-Gbété, Simplice (University of Pau-LMA) ; Demétrio, Clarice G. B. (University of S˜ao Paulo)
In this paper we investigate two classes of exponential dispersion models (EDMs) for overdispersed count data with respect to the Poisson distribution. The first is a class of Poisson mixture with positive Tweedie mixing distributions. [...]
SORT : statistics and operations research transactions, Vol. 28, Núm. 2 (July-December 2004) , p. 201-214  

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1 Demétrio, C. G. B.
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