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11 p, 528.6 KB Genesis of self-organized zebra textures in burial dolomites : displacive veins, induced stress, and dolomitization / Merino, E. (Indiana University. Department of Geological Sciences) ; Canals, A. (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Cristal.lografia, Mineralogia i Dipòsits Minerals) ; Fletcher, R.C. (Pennsylvania State University. Department of Geosciences)
The dolomite veins making up rhythmites common in burial dolomites are not cement infillings of supposed cavities, as in the prevailing view, but are instead displacive veins, veins that pushed aside the host dolostone as they grew. [...]
2006 - 10.1344/105.000000352
Geologica acta, Vol. 4, Núm. 3 (2006) , p. 383-393  

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2 Fletcher, R. R. M.
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