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30 p, 730.1 KB A toolkit to strengthen government budget surveillance / Pedregal, Diego J. (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) ; Pérez, Javier J. (Banco de España) ; Sánchez-Fuentes, Antonio Jesús (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
In this paper we develop a comprehensive short-term fiscal forecasting system, useful for real-time monitoring of government's borrowing requirement in Spain, a country that has been at the center of the recent European sovereign debt crisis, not least because of sizeable failures to meet public deficit targets. [...]
2014 - 10.7866/HPE-RPE.14.4.4
Hacienda pública española, Núm. 211 (2014) , p. 117-146  
11 p, 237.9 KB Institutional determinants of public-private sector linkages / Lamo, Ana (European Central Bank) ; Pérez García, Javier J. (Banco de España) ; Sánchez-Fuentes, Antonio Jesús (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) ; Encuentro Economía Pública (20è : 2013 : Sevilla, Andalusia)
We estimate the probability of public sector leadership – defined as Granger causality from public to private sector wages – in a pool of 18 OECD countries as a function of countries' institutional features. [...]
Encuentro Economía Pública. Estado del bienestar: sostenibilidad y reformas. Sevilla, 20è : 2013  

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