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53 p, 7.9 MB Isotopic evidence for oligotrophication of terrestrial ecosystems / Craine, Joseph (Jonah Ventures co.) ; Elmore, Andrew J. (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science) ; Wang, Lixin (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Department of Earth Sciences) ; Aranibar, Julieta (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina). Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales) ; Bauters, Marijn (Universiteit Gent. Isotope Bioscience Laboratory) ; Boeckx, Pascal (Universiteit Gent. Isotope Bioscience Laboratory) ; Crowley, Brooke E. (University of Cincinnati. Department of Geology) ; Dawes, Melissa A. (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Researc) ; Delzon, Sylvain (INRA University of Bordeaux. BIOdiversité, Gênes & Communautés) ; Fajardo, Alex (Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia) ; Fang, Yunting (Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Applied Ecology) ; Fujiyoshi, Lei (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japó)) ; Gray, Alan (UK Centre For Ecology & Hydrology) ; Guerrieri, Rossella (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; Gundale, Michael J. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Department of Forest Ecology and Management) ; Hawke, David J. (Ara Institute of Canterbury. Department of Science and Primary Industries) ; Hietz, Peter (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Viena, Àustria). Institute of Botany) ; Jonard, Mathieu (Université Catholique de Louvain. Earth and Life Institute) ; Kearsley, Elizabeth (Universiteit Gent. Department of Environment) ; Kenzo, Tanaka (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Tsukuba, Japó)) ; Makarov, Mikhail (Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University. Soil Science Department) ; Marañón Jiménez, Sara (Centre de Recerca Ecològica i d'Aplicacions Forestals) ; McGlynn, Terrence P. (California State University Dominguez Hills. Department of Biology) ; McNeil, Brenden E. (West Virginia University. Department of Geology and Geography) ; Mosher, Stella G. (University of Cincinnati. Department of Geology) ; Nelson, David M. (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science) ; Peri, Pablo L. (Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral) ; Roggy, Jean Christophe (UMR Écologie des Forêts de Guyane (Guaiana Francesa, França)) ; Sanders-DeMott, Rebecca (Boston University. Department of Biology) ; Song, Minghua (Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research) ; Szpak, Paul (Trent University (Peterborough, Canadà). Department of Anthropology) ; Templer, Pamela H. (Boston University. Department of Biology) ; Van der Colff, Dewidine (South African National Biodiversity Institute (Cape Town, Sud-àfrica)) ; Werner, Christiane (University of Freiburg. Ecosystem Physiology) ; Xu, Xingliang (University of New Hampshire. Department of Natural Resources and the Environment) ; Yang, Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences. Kunming Institute of Botany) ; Yu, Guirui (Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research) ; Zmudczyńska-Skarbek, Katarzyna (University of Gdańsk (Gdańsk, Polònia). Department of Vertebrate Ecology and Zoology)
Human societies depend on an Earth system that operates within a constrained range of nutrient availability, yet the recent trajectory of terrestrial nitrogen (N) availability is uncertain. Examining patterns of foliar N concentrations and isotope ratios (δ¹⁵N) from more than 43,000 samples acquired over 37 years, here we show that foliar N concentration declined by 9% and foliar δ¹⁵N declined by 0. [...]
2018 - 10.1038/s41559-018-0694-0
Nature ecology & evolution, Vol. 2, issue 11 (Nov. 2018) , p. 1735-1744  

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