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20 p, 711.6 KB ¿Son diferentes las uniones consensuales y los matrimonios? : Comparación de los censos españoles de población de 1991 y 2001 / Miret, Pau, 1964- (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics)
La pregunta que se plantea en este artículo es si existe en España una distinción entre las parejas jóvenes que se encuentran conviviendo en unión consensual y aquéllas que lo hacen legalmente casadas (variable dicotómica). [...]
The objective of this paper is to establish whether there are socio-demographic differences between young couples who are cohabiting and those who are married in Spain. Data sources are the 1991 and 2001 population censuses. [...]

2007 - 10.3989/ris.2007.i48.68
Revista internacional de sociología, Vol. 65, Num. 48 (septiembre-diciembre 2007) , p. 55-74  

Books and collections 6 records found  
23 p, 239.8 KB Cohabitation : the Pan-America View / Lesthaeghe , Ron J. ; Esteve, Albert
In this concluding chapter we reflect on a series of issues of both a methodological and substantive nature encountered in this research project. Firstly, we must realize that the use of individual census records not only opened vast possibilities, but also entails a number of limitations. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_10
Cohabitation and marriage in the Americas : geo-historical legacies and new trends, 2016, p. 269-291  
22 p, 334.8 KB The Rise of Cohabitation in the Southern Cone / Binstock,Georgina ; Cabella, Wanda ; Salinas, Viviana ; López Colás, Julián (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics)
This chapter analyses the increase in cohabitation in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and attempts to determine the extent to which consensual unions and marriages have similar traits or differ in the context of the cohabitation boom (Esteve et al. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_9
Cohabitation and marriage in the Americas : geo-historical legacies and new trends, 2016, p. 247-268  
29 p, 964.5 KB Cohabitation in Brazil : historical legacy and recent evolution / Esteve, Albert (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics) ; Lesthaeghe, Ron J. ; López Colás, Julián ; López Gay, Antonio ; Covre-Sussai, Maira
The availability of the micro data in the IPUMS samples for several censuses spanning a period of 40 years permits a detailed study of differentials and trends in cohabitation in Brazil than has hitherto been the case. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_8
Cohabitation and marriage in the Americas : geo-historical legacies and new trends, 2016, p. 217-245  
29 p, 637.3 KB The Boom of cohabitation in Colombia and in the Andean Region : social and spatial patterns / Esteve, Albert (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics) ; Saavedra M., A. Carolina ; López Colás, Julián (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics) ; López Gay, Antonio (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics) ; Lesthaeghe, Ron J.
In this chapter we use census microdata to document the rise in cohabitation in Colombia and in the Andean countries of Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú and Venezuela over the last four decades. We use multilevel logistic regression models to examine the effect of individual and contextual variables on cohabitation. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_7
Cohabitation and marriage in the Americas : geo-historical legacies and new trends, 2016, p. 187-215  
29 p, 449.7 KB Consensual unions in Central America : historical continuities and new emerging patterns / Castro-Martín, Teresa (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales) ; Domínguez Rodríguez, Antía (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics)
Central America has a long history of family formation via consensual union instead of formal marriage. The historically high levels of cohabitation have persisted throughout the twentieth century up to the present day and can be traced in the remarkably high levels of nonmarital childbearing in the region. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_6
Cohabitation and marriage in the Americas : geo-historical legacies and new trends, 2016, p. 157-185  
42 p, 583.9 KB Cohabitation and Marriage in Canada : the geography, law and politics of competing views on gender equality / Laplante, Benoît ; Fostik, Ana Laura
In this chapter, we look at unmarried cohabitation in Canada with a focus on regional differences. The high level of unmarried cohabitation in Quebec is known since the 1980s. Consequently, a substantial part of the research on unmarried cohabitation in Canada has actually focused on Quebec, and most of the research that has not focused on Quebec has dealt with Canada as a single unit. [...]
Springer International Publishing 2016 - 10.1007/978-3-319-31442-6_3
Cohabitation and Marriage in the Americas: Geo-historical Legacies and New Trends, 2016, p. 59-100  

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