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19 p, 177.8 KB Program diversity in higher education : an economic perspective / Dill, David D. 1940- ; Teixeira, Pedro
Program diversity in academic systems has become an important goal of higher education policy in many countries. Policy makers assume that a diverse academic system will better satisfy public preferences and needs and lead to greater social and economic benefits for society. [...]
Higher Education Policy, vol. 13 n. 1 (2000) p. 99-117  
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4 p, 310.8 KB Markets and higher education : an introduction / Dill, David D. 1940-
Higher Education Policy, vol. 10 n. 3-4 (1997) p. 163-166  
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19 p, 1.6 MB Higher education markets and public policy / Dill, David D. 1940-
In the major reforms to higher education being introduced throughout the world, market and "market-like" policy instruments are assuming increasing importance. Long perceived as a unique characteristic of the U. [...]
Higher Education Policy, vol. 10 n. 3-4 (1997) p. 167-185  
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