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11 p, 354.8 KB Battling without Beards : Synesius of Cyrene's Calvitii encomium, Arrian's Anabasis Alexandri and the Alexander discourse of the fourth century AD / Djurslev, Christian (Aarhus University)
This paper explores the literary tradition of the curious chreia that Alexander ordered his men to shave off their beards before battle. The story is represented by various sources from the imperial period but most prominently in the Encomium of Baldness by Synesius of Cyrene. [...]
Este artículo explora la tradición literaria de la curiosa chreia que recoge que Alejandro ordenó a sus hombres afeitarse sus barbas antes de la batalla. La historia aparece recogida en varias fuentes de época imperial pero sobre todo en el prominente Encomio de la calvicie de Sinesio de Cirene. [...]

Karanos, Vol. 1 (2018) , p. 55-65 (Papers)  
11 p, 309.9 KB Alexander, Agathoi Daimones, Argives and Armenians / Djurslev, Christian Thrue (Aarhus University) ; Ogden, Daniel (University of Exeter)
Intriguing and complex traditions are preserved about Alexander and the agathos daimon house-snakes of Alexandria by Phylarchus, the Alexander Romance, ps. -Epiphanius and the Chronicon Paschale. These bear upon both a foundational myth and upon a related cultural practice. [...]
Intrigantes y complejas tradiciones se han preservado sobre Alejandro y las serpientes domésticas del agathos daimon de Alejandría en Filarco, el Romance de Alejandro, Ps. Epifanio y el Chronicon Paschale. [...]

Karanos, Vol. 1 (2018) , p. 11-21 (Papers)  

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1 Djurslev, Christian Thrue
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