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9 p, 1.5 MB Is there a pre-Cretaceous source rock in the Colombia Putumayo Basin? : clues from a study of crude oils by conventional and high resolution geochemical methods / Martínez, M. (Ecopetrol (Bogotá, Colòmbia)) ; Márquez, R. (Ecopetrol, ICP (Bucaramanga, Colòmbia)) ; Gutiérrez, G. (Ecopetrol (Bogotá, Colòmbia)) ; Maya, L. (Ecopetrol (Bogotá, Colòmbia)) ; Mora, C. (Gems S.A. (Bogotá, Colòmbia)) ; Guzmán, W. (Gems S.A. (Bogotá, Colòmbia)) ; Moldowan, J. M. (Stanford University)
A geochemical characterization of sixteen crude oil samples from the Putumayo Basin, southern Colombia, was carried out. This basin is located to the north of Ecuador's Oriente Basin, one of the most prolific hydrocarbon basins in South America. [...]
2014 - 10.1344/GeologicaActa2014.12.4.5
Geologica acta, Vol. 12 Núm. 4 (december 2014) , p. 345-350  

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