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67 p, 5.4 MB "Go Tell the Assyrians, Thou Who Passest By, That Here, Obedient to Their Laws, We Lie..." / Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Centrer for Oriental Archaeology)
This paper deals with a topic hardly studied by our fellow scholars: the management of casualties during the aftermath of a victorious battle for the Neo-Assyrians. The paper will propose a typology of casualties according to different points of their different kinds of status, plus some questions on some problems still encountered by modern soldiers nowadays.
Historiae, Núm. 17 (2020) , p. 25-91 (Articles)  
57 p, 3.3 MB Tu Quoque Philippi : Eannatum's Phalanx / Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)
The Stele of the Vultures displays Eannatum of Lagash fighting at the head of his phalanx, mostly composed of pikemen and shield-bearers. This formation requires a basic training for managers and soldiers, based on a particular conception of a group combat formation. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 16 (2019) , p. 29-85  
27 p, 572.4 KB "Ce fameux bâton qu'on a dans sa giberne" : So you want to be an Assyrian Officer? / Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)
Ce fameux bâton qu'on a dans sa giberne", this famous staff we all have in our cartridge box, is a reference to a French proverb employed in the armies of Napoléon Ier. This quote meant that the most common private had virtually all the chances to receive the staff of field-marshall, the highest military dignity, in his cartridge box. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 12 (2015) , p. 37-63 (Articles)  
24 p, 170.8 KB Public health in interwar England and Wales : did it fail? / Gorsky, Martin
British historians initially saw the interwar period as a «golden age» for public health in local government, with unprecedented preventive and curative powers wielded by Medical Officers of Health (MOsH). [...]
2008 - 10.4321/S0211-95362008000100008
Dynamis : Acta Hispanica ad Medicinae Scientiarumque. Historiam Illustrandam, V. 28 (2008) p. 175-198  

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38 p, 722.4 KB Probation officer skills : spanish context / Nagdev Nagdev, Nidhi ; Meléndez Peretó, Anna, 1985-, dir. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Ciència Política i de Dret Públic) ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Dret
Probation has always been conceived as a community sanction where Probation Officers accompany the convict on the path of desistance. International literature on the effectiveness of probation indicates that the skills used by Probation Officers, in the interviews, with the convicts effect on the subsequent recidivism of the offenders. [...]
La probation siempre ha sido concebida como una medida penal alternativa donde los Probation Officers realizan un acompañamiento al penado por el camino del desistimiento. La literatura internacional sobre la eficacia de la probation, indica que las habilidades que usan los Probation Officers, en las entrevistas con los penados, afectan a la posterior reincidencia de éstos. [...]

Grau en Criminologia [805]  

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