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6 p, 202.5 KB Short term effects of ambient sulphur dioxide and particulate matter on mortality in 12 European cities : results from time series data from the APHEA project / Katsouyanni, K. (University of Athens Medical School (Atenes, Grècia)) ; Touloumi, G. (University of Athens Medical School (Atenes, Grècia)) ; Spix, C. (Institut für Epidemiologie (Neuherberg, Alemanya)) ; Schwartz, J. (Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Baladucci, F. (Université de Grenoble. Faculté de Medicine (França)) ; Medina, S. (Observatoire Regional de la Santé (Paris, França)) ; Rossi, G. (National Research Council. Institute of Clinical Physiology (Pisa, Itàlia)) ; Wojtyniak, B. (National Institute of Hygiene (Varsòvia, Polònia)) ; Sunyer Deu, Jordi (Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica (Barcelona, Catalunya)) ; Bacharova, L. (National Centre for Health Promotion (Bratislava, Eslovàquia)) ; Schouten, J.P. (University of Groningen. Department of Epidemiology and Statistics (Països Baixos)) ; Ponka, A. (Helsinki City Centre of the Environment (Helsinki, Finlàndia)) ; Anderson, H. R. (St George's Hospital Medical School (Londres, Regne Unit))
Objectives: To carry out a prospective combined quantitative analysis of the associations between all cause mortality and ambient particulate matter and sulphur dioxide. Design: Analysis of time series data on daily number of deaths from all causes and concentrations of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter (measured as black smoke or particles smaller than 10 ìm in diameter (PM10)) and potential confounders. [...]
BMJ : British Medical Journal, Vol. 314 (1997) , p. 1658-1663  

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1 Touloumi, Giota
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