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8 p, 133.2 KB Baseline studies of the Clay Minerals Society Special Clays : Specific suerface area by the Brunauer Emmett Teller (BET) method / Dogan, Meral (University of Iowa. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) ; Umran Dogan, A. (University of Iowa. Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering) ; Irem Yesilyurt, F. (Aksaray University. Department of Geological Engineering) ; Alaygut, Dogan (TPAO. Turkish National Petroleum Corporation) ; Buckner, Ira (University of Iowa. College of Pharmacy) ; Wurster, Dale Eric (University of Iowa. College of Pharmacy)
The Clay Minerals Society published a complete characterization scheme for its 'Source Clays' but not for its 'Special Clays'. To address this issue, the specific surface areas (SSAs) of the 16 special clays from The Clay Minerals Society were determined using the Brunauer, Emmett and Teller (BET) method of adsorption of an inert gas. [...]
2007 - 10.1346/CCMN.2007.0550508
Clays and Clay Minerals, Vol. 55, Núm. 5 (2007) , p. 534-541  

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