School of Engineering. Final year projects

This collection gathers the Final Year Projects (PFC), submitted by students at the School of Engineering of the UAB , previous to graduate studies.

Curricula of degrees at the UAB Escola d’Enginyeria have always included the making of a final year work. In the past they were called "Final Year Projects" and with the new graduate studies, from the academic year 2012/13 or 2013/14 depending on the degree, have become "Bachelor's degree final project ".

In DDD you can find two different collections and, therefore, they have to be searched separately. The Bachelor's degree final project can be found at: School of Engineering. Bachelor's degree final project.

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Materials Engineering (55)
Telecommunication Engineering  (38)
Electronic Engineering  (19)
Computer Engineering  (409)
Chemical Engineering (35)
Telecommunication Technical Engineering. Electronic Systems Speciality  (68)
Management Information System Technical Engineering  (101)
System Computing Technical Engineering  (130)
Industrial Technical Engineering. Industrial chemistry speciality  (12)
Aeronautical Management  (11)